HAVA International Construction SA was incorporated in Panama in June 2011. Our RUC is 1987570-1-738131 D.V. 97

From those beginnings to the present, our career has led to the implementation of projects featured golf internationally renowned designers and collaborate with major projects in Panama.

Currently HAVA is a diversified, professionalized and specific departments of civil engineering construction, golf courses and maintenance of green areas and golf courses, with a park of its own machinery and personnel. All this allows us to take, from start to finish, any proposed golf complex is this: The earthmoving, shaping the land, the construction of greens, tees and bunkers in the latest international quality standards, installation of drainage and irrigation system, the preparation, refined and field planting, the launch of the holes (growing), gardening, planting, and ancillary works are lakes, rivers, roads, concrete, networks water supply, bridges, gateways, ornamental elements.

Therefore, it should be noted the extraordinary professional team we have and also the most innovative and specialized machinery for carrying out this work.